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If you don’t expect too much from me, you might not be let down

That headline isn’t really true. I’m generally very reliable (are you allowed to have two qualifiers like that? “Generally” and “Very?” I’m going with it). I’m just a consistently inconsistent blogger. Much like darts and pool but not horseshoes. I’m always terrible at horseshoes. It’s also just occurred to me that,other than my friends, the readers don’t know much about me. We’ll get to that later. But first…

Where the hell have I been?

Truth is, I’m a busy guy. Probably too busy for my own good, but I have relegated myself to the fact that this will never change and that life is too short not to be involved with things that you love. In fact, I’ll have some exciting news that I’ll be sharing soon, so stay tuned. I’m the incoming Curriculum Co-Chair for the 2014-15 Leadership Pensacola, a program of the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce. Eesh, thank goodness we don’t get business cards. That’s a two year commitment but I am so stoked for the opportunity to serve with the Chamber and some pretty awesome folks.

Since April 1, I’ve performed two marriages. One of the couples, to whom I am very close, was actually on April 1 because that was the anniversary of the couple’s first date. Ten years prior. Hey, nothing wrong with making sure it’s right. The next was a couple was one who contacted me through another wedding I performed last November. So far I’m 3 for 3 in successful marriages, but the most recent couple is still on their honeymoon.

We’re about to start renovations to the house. Like, major kitchen, foyer and home office renovations. As in, we’re adding a foyer and home office to the house. Luckily the house came with the kitchen, so we’re good there. My partner Matthew (which I believe is the first time I’ve mentioned him in the blog) has been coordinating with the contractor (earning him one of his many, many halos waiting for him in Heaven). I actually forgot what I was going to say specifically about him because I got derailed mentioning his inaugural appearance in this blog. Don’t worry, there will be more stories to come, most likely dripping with self deprecation.

My job at the USO as Center Operations Supervisor is going great. I’ll write soon about what a typical day is for me at work serving the troops aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Man this is ramble fest. OH! I’m going to Hangout Fest next month with my friend KC. Be on the lookout for an obnoxious bevy of photos.

Find me on Twitter @breezerbeej. “Wow, that’s a weird name.” For reference, please read this blog.