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What’s in a name and other clichés

I’ve always dreamed of a time when I could direct people to one single location that explains my name. My dream has come true.

Here goes.

I have the distinct honor to be named after my father, Bradley Nolan Davis, Sr., making me a junior, obviously. So, we take the initials of Bradley Jr. and we get B.J. But please, if you’re mentioning me using MLA format, please be sure to add the extra space after the first period. B.(space)J. Otherwise you’ll get counted off for misspelling that name on a college Contemporary American Literature paper. True story. Thank you, Dr. Dews. OR, instead of succumbing to the English “Man,” in this case Dr. Dews, you could always create a nickname for a nickname, such as “Beej.”

Now, I speak to two generations when I reference this nickname version .0 – one being that generation who recalls the 1970s hit TV show M.A.S.H. (Oops, sorry Dr. Dews, “M.(space)A.(space)S.(space)H.”) Remember the verbose, lovable character Capt. B.(space)J. Hunnicut? Well, sometimes he was referred to as Beej.

Then there’s Generation Y-ish who may recall the hit TV show Full House, which it wasn’t until it went solely into syndication that I got the double entendre. There was Donna Jo, a.k.a. D.(space)J., the eldest daughter of the family with three dads (take THAT Staci Keanan) who I’m pretty sure went by Deej more often than she even went by the D.(space)J.

So there you have it folks. I hope this dispels any confusion much like with that kid I went to high school with who went from Carl to Randy mid year sophomore year with ZERO explanation. I guess that’s the year in school when you really find yourself.

Now, there’s elephant in the room about either the name B.(space)J. or Beej. I’ll address it now because I know it’s been on your mind this whole time. I know you’re wondering, “Oh I can’t take it anymore! When is he just going to say what’s on everyone’s mind?” Okay, well, this is the thing: yes, my parents completely lacked any semblance of creativity while naming me by just interchanging a “Sr.” with a “Jr.” I know, people have joked with me all my life. There has been sniggering in classes the first day of school when the teacher states, “Please let me know if you prefer to be called something other than your legal name.” It got soooo old. I mean, it’s like they KNOW I was named after my father when I raised my hand and proudly stated “I prefer B.J. or Beej, please.” I can hear the immature laughter now. I always wanted to say to them, “Yeah, well at least I’m not named after my mother.” Who, incidentally had the maiden name of O’Brien and I could have been nicknamed O.J.

Now THAT would have been a nightmare.