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And so it begins…

Taking a quick break from my job as Center Operations Supervisor at the USO of Northwest Florida to pop a little something up on my new blog. A blog that is way overdue, but I’ll still reserve the right to be as grammatically “creative” as I want for the time being, at least until someone starts calling me on it. We welcome all kinds here.

A huge shout out to my friends Anne, Erin, Richard and Michelle (and in spirit Teresa, but that’s usually the case…but she can show up with an incredible Friendship Bread recipe like you wouldn’t believe) for inspiring me to get this off the ground. And when I say “inspire,” I mean tell me GoDaddy is for deviants, and it’s not necessary for me to have my name in the title of the blog. I love you all.

OK, kiddos, back to work. Talk soon. LYMI